How to speed up your computer with a Flash Drive.

One of the features that make Windows 7 more quickly to include this feature, ReadyBoost, which has existed since Windows Vista.

Ready Boot is a feature that improves the performance of Windows to run programs. The memory of the USB Flash Drive or Flash Memory as SD Card, MMC, xD Card and Compact Flash Cache is available for data storage.

In Windows 7, it has developed ReadyBoot better than Windows Vista can support Cache size up to 32GB device 1 and devices for ReadyBoost up to eight characters is capable Cache up to 256GB with (Windows Vista compatible. Cache size and supports up to 4GB Ready Boost device for a single).

ReadyBoost to make quick work of Windows 7 to be able to do the following …

1. Insert a USB Flash Drive or Flash Memory Card into the computer, a window, then go to My Computer.


2. Right-click the USB Flash Drive we plug. (No data inside Flash Drive).

3. In the Properties window, click the ReadyBoost tab and then click on the item to mark the page settings. The format of the ReadyBoost 2 types.

  • Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost is set to use the entire space of the USB Flash Drive is Cache.
  • Use this device sets the defined space of the USB Flash Drive or Flash Memory Card to be used as Cache manually by clicking the slide bar below.4. Click the OK button to enable ReadyBoost.

After setup is complete When you browse to a USB Flash Drive is a file called ReadyBoost.

Note regarding use ReadyBoost.

Device USB Flash Drive or the Flash Memory Card to be used as a ReadyBoost device must be compliant with USB 2.0 or better Windows 7 will be checked automatically when the device to the computer. If the device does not support the ReadyBoost system that This device can not be used for ReadyBoost.

To effectively use ReadyBoost to speed up the computer, the USB Flash Drive or Flash Memory Card Memory should be at least 2 GB or more of free space.


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