How USB Type-C (USB-C) is good?

What is USB Type-C (USB-C)?

For various IT devices, USB port is considered as the basic connection channel for the key. Nowadays, it is called a variety of IT equipment, it must support the connection via a USB cable, whether to transfer data files. Or for charging the battery.

The USB itself has evolved a lot since the past until the present. Not just shapes But it also changes in terms of other capabilities, whether it is the faster file transfer speed. And recently there is a new standard USB Type-C or USB-C connection to use it. And so on. It will be gradually modified to use USB Type-C together, respectively. But before we get to know the USB Type-C, let’s study first what is the difference between USB and how each different.

USB Type-A

USB Type-A 2.0
USB Type-A is the USB we are most familiar to today. Because it is widely used with various devices. The first version of the USB Type-A version 1.1 was introduced in 1998, but today USB Type-A 1.1 has been replaced by version 2.0 since 2000. With version 2.0 technology, data can be transferred faster than that.

The USB Type-A version 3.0 has been in use since 2008, but since it’s not yet compatible with USB Type-A 3.0, USB Type-A 3.0 is not as popular.

Until now, the USB Type-A standard version 3.0 is becoming more popular. And there are more accessories. The file transfer speed is faster than version 2.0, with the difference that the devices supporting the USB 3.0 ports are in blue. To be an external point of view that shows the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

USB Type-A mini และ USB Type-A micro

Difference between USB Type-A micro and USB Type-B

The USB Type-A mini has been discontinued since 2007. The USB Type-A micro is still available, but very few. Not many USB Type-A microphones are compatible and the current version of USB Type-A micro has been developed to version 3.0.

USB Type-B

USB Type-B 3.0

The USB Type-B is still in use today. It would not be a printer with a scanner. If version 2.0 is available today, version 3.0 is also supported.

USB Type-B mini และ USB Type-B micro

USB Type-B mini (left) and USB Type-B micro (right)

USB Type-B mini is used with older devices. Like a digital camera, the USB Type-B micro will be more prevalent. Because most of today’s smartphones virtually all connect via USB Type-B micro.

USB Type-C How is it better ?

The latest USB has been developed in a new standard. The USB Type-C or USB-C, which comes with USB version 3.1, is more powerful than ever. And it will be a new standard in the IT industry. And accessories Which USB port should be adapted to support USB Type-C changes from the old USB? And will have any feature above the old USB version of the need to follow.

Compatible with various devices. More convenient

Call it a little confusing. If you want to buy a USB cable, as well as when connecting to USB devices. Called everyone may have encountered a problem with the wrong plugged into the plug until the need to focus better. To be plugged into the device.

But for the problem above, the USB Type-C connector can be plugged in on either side. Whether top or bottom flip, this time, it can be easily plugged into the wrong with the previous generation USB to plug it properly.

USB Type-C Comes with version 3.1 that transfers data files faster than ever before.

By USB Type-C connection head is quite characteristic. The USB Type-C comes with 3.1 technology that can transfer data files up to 10 Gbps. It can transfer files twice as fast as USB 3.0. With the ability to transfer files at 5 Gbps, USB Type-C is more efficient for transferring large files. Like 4K resolution video or smartphone connection to smart TV. To play games that require large amounts of data transfer support.

USB Type-C Supports more power.

With USB Power Technology, USB Type-C can handle up to 20V, 5A. Notebooks can be charged via USB Type-C, and file transfer can be done at the same time. On mobile devices such as smartphones. This by-product makes smartphones. Can charge the battery faster enough.

When to start using USB Type-C?

The USB Type-C was developed by the USB Promoter Group. It was formally announced in late 2014 that USB Type-C was successfully developed and uses USB Type-C as the standard for connecting devices. in the future Currently, there are many devices that support USB Type-C. It is expected that by the end of 2015 will be more devices that support USB Type-C connection, whether smart. Phone, tablet, or notebook.

USB Type-C is another important standard in the technology. Of course, in the future, devices will be more compatible with USB Type-C and will start using USB Type-C more widely.


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