To kill the virus on flash drive

To kill the virus on flash drive

Today, we continue to perform the methane was not that flash drives are devices that add up to one. Many people have to go all the time. As well as mobile phones. It can save you a lot of information out. Our easy to use Once you get over the air. This was the third car plug and retrieved it. The action is so bad it makes this virus spreads easily met or exceeded. We must find a way to get rid of this evil person concerned. Before it could destroy the data on our laptops.


Before we get rid of this evil virus that has left us. We must know that the flash drives we use it every day, Ivy is infected or not. First, check the flash drive. By following ways

Press the Shift key while plugging the flash drive for about 10 seconds.
Double Click on My computer
Right click on the flash drive, if it turns out that the Open on a flash drive that does not have the virus. But if it turns out that Auto Play is at the top that contains a virus or Double Click the flash drive, then turns the Open with, it indicates that a virus is the same.
When we checked the flash drive then. It turns out that the flash drive that contains a virus. We have to kill the virus, a simple anyone can do it as well.

Double Click to open My computer up.
Double Click to open USB Drive
Click Tools
Click Folder Options
Select View
Select Show hidden files and folders.
Click the Hide extensions for known file types to choose from.
Click the Hide protected operating system files to selected press Apply and then press OK (Folder appears more unified (ie viruses)).
Click Recycled system Volume information Autorlin.inf msvcr71.dll (Folder virus appears).
Press Delete to kill the virus
This is the final drives again. Whether or not the virus has gone.

Be careful to use the flash drive is that we must always keep updated virus. To protect our computers. And we should not use a flash drive with other people. If necessary, it’s hard to scan. By not allowing it to spread And severe We recommend the program to deal with the virus.

o Trend Micro Sysclean Package

o avast! Virus Cleaner Tool

o Cureit Scaner for Windows

o Ad-Aware SE Professional Build 1.06r1.

o ClamWin Free Antivirus Version 0.93.1

o RemoveIT Pro v4 – SE

Just as we take a journey that drives it. Without their suspicion that Flash drive and your computer is virus anymore.


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